Using Driftwood to Spice Up Your Room

Do you have a beach theme in your living room or bedroom? Are you looking for ways to decorate your home that incorporate natural materials? Driftwood is the perfect medium for adding a natural flare to virtually any area of your home. While home decorating can be as complex as you like, there are lots of simple projects that you can put together in a weekend or even a few hours.

Driftwood to Spice Up Your RoomStart by gathering, soaking, and scrubbing your driftwood pieces. Fill a tub with hot water, bleach, and Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda. Submerse the wood and allow it to soak for 48 hours. Once the wood has soaked, scrub away the remaining bark with a wire brush. Let the wood dry and sand any rough edges before you start decorating.

Driftwood makes a great base for a wreath. Layer varying pieces into a wreath form with the size of your choosing and secure them with tacky glue or a hot glue gun. The possibilities for wreaths are endless. You can finish your driftwood wreath with a simple neutral theme that looks great all year round or you can create a piece for a specific season or holiday.

If you enjoy displaying candles, think about making a driftwood candle holder. The principle is the same as the wreath, but you’re crafting a piece that will lay flat on a table or other surface. You can customize the size of the holder to fit a specific candle. Alternatively, drill holes in a piece of driftwood that are large enough to hold tealights.

Finally, driftwood can make a display or holder for a wide range of personal belongings. For example, drill holes in the wood and insert hardware to hang keys, jewelry, hats, or other lightweight items.

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