United States – Drinking Water Quality Standards

Drinking Water Quality Standards are taken very seriously in America. The laws are very strict and are placed to ensure that everyone in America has the right of clean and safe drinking water. There is a clear and stringent guideline to Water Quality Standards that must be followed. If any of these laws are broken, it would easily result in mass sickness.

The law is in place through the SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act). The SDWA authorizes higher agencies, such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency to enforce laws regulating drinking water safety. The SDWA authorizes the EPA to promulgate regulations regarding water supplies. The SDWA also has a stringent code requiring licensed water supply operators, protected watersheds, and mandatory emergency plans for water supplies.

There are general nationwide guidelines for Quality Standards as well as more specific state guidelines.

  • Water Systems – Larger water systems naturally have more requirements then water systems that cover smaller populations.
  • Contaminant Control – all contaminants are divided into different classes each with a rule and a smaller ‘subpart’
  • Monitoring/Reporting – the two major rules that must be followed are the Information Collection Rule and the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule

Although this laws are government-enforced, there are certain counties that fail to comply with these standards. Failure to live up to the SDWA standards could result in serious health complications for citizens who drink from these taps.

There are different governmental levels of regulation, from the SDWA to the EPA, and above, but ultimately these laws are in place to ensure a healthy drinking water supply for all Americans. There are many ways in which water can become contaminated, and any water supply that falls out of the guidelines of the SDWA could be in danger. The safety of the water supply is massively important on every level of water use, from drinking, to cooking, to gardening, to home installation.


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