How to Unclog Tree Roots from Sewer Pipes in Simple Steps

When it comes to your sewer pipes, you want to keep them from damage. One of the costliest problems with sewer lines are tree roots. If you are not careful, roots can plug your sewer lines more effectively than anything else.

Tree in Pipes

Fortunately, you don’t have to cut down the trees because there is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to stop roots from damaging the lines.

How Do Tree Roots Clog Sewer Line?
Typically, tree root problems stem from having older pipes made of material that is heavier, brittle, and more difficult to work with compared to the plastic piping used today. Not only are these plastics easier to work with and more durable, tree roots are far less likely to damage them.

What Can You Do to Unclog the Pipe?
First you need to decide whether any of these 3 will help you unclog the tree roots yourself:

  1. Rent or buy a power auger.
  2. Clean the piping yourself.
  3. Add a tree root killer poison to the line. This should get rid of the roots without killing the tree.

If neither works, you will need to contact a professional to unclog the pipes.

How Will a Professional Help You?
A professional will send a camera through the line to identify the problem and see exactly where the tree roots are affecting your system.

Before leaving, the professional may line the pipe with plastic fabric specifically designed for sewer lines. After he leaves, you will be able to take care of the problem yourself if it happens again. Just make sure you know where the problem is.

When the professional is visiting, find out what kinds of pipes you have. In the event that you have cast iron or clay pipes, consider having them replaced. While this is more costly in the short term, it saves you money you will have to spend every year to keep the tree roots away from less durable pipes, as well as saving you the time it takes every year to maintain the pipes.

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