Save Water: How to Find and Fix Household Leaks

A dripping kitchen faucet or leaky toilet may not seem like a big deal. However, even a slow drip can cost you hundreds of dollars and waste thousands of gallons of water annually.

The sooner you can find and fix these leaks; the more money and water you can save, the lesser risk you have of incurring permanent water damage.Pipe-Leakage

The following details the most common types of household leaks and how to fix them:

  • Toilets
    Typically a toilet leaks because the toilet flapper is worn. Over time, flappers build up decay or minerals, and must be replaced.

    Take the old flapper to the hardware store to make sure that you get a flapper that fits your particular model.

  • Showerheads
    The simplest fix for a leaky showerhead is securing the connection between the pipe stem and showerhead with pipe tape.

    If the showerhead is leaking while it’s not in use, you may need to hire a licensed plumber.

  • Interior Faucets
    Typically leaks in faucets come about through old and worn gaskets and washers. Any time you’re going to work on an interior faucet, turn off the water line for the faucet.

    Take off the handles and expose the screw holding the handle so that you can check for damage and rough spots.

  • Exterior Faucets
    Each spring check your in-ground irrigation system for frost or freezing damage. You should also inspect the garden hose at the spigot connection.

    If there is a leak, swap out the hose washer and secure the spigot and hose connection with pipe tape and a wrench.

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