Making Your Home’s Exterior Mold Free

Being a home owner you should be aware of the regular maintenance your home requires and the procedure of inspection you should carry out to be aware of your home’s condition. Your home needs regular inspection to check deterioration like cracks, weakening of the foundation, pests, organic build up seepage etc.

Fungus and algae are organic build for those lining wet areas or homes that are constructed in areas of heavy rainfall. Algae and fungus can also grow on your home walls when this accumulation of moisture due to debris. Organic build up on your roof can weaken the construction and encourage seepage. You can control the growth of moss and algae on your roof by installing Led and zinc control strips. Mold is a major problem for homes and build up can cause deterioration to your home construction.

You can identify mold in your home as small dark spots on the sides of your house which look like tar known. This type of mold is known as shotgun mold which is a sticky artillery fungus.

Artillery fungi are dark brown spore packets which float in microscopic cup like cells that accumulate water and nutrients for the growth and spread of the mold in your home. Artillery fungus is difficult to get rid of and can cause discoloration to your walls when extracting. To get rid of shot gun mold detect it early and call the professionals to get it power washed and off your walls. You can take off artillery fungi off your home walls by using certain chemicals and a super heated water scrub that will disinfect the surface and prevent the mold from growing back. You can contact a professional to have your home rid of mold and artillery fungus and boast of clean and unstained color walls.

Robert Matheka is the Owner of Kala Construction Inc.., a leading water damage remediation. and restoration services provider in Ontario, CA. Our services include extraction of water and drying out the structure by using special extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidification equipment to restore your property back to normal after a disaster.

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