How to Fix Carpet Problems in Less Than a Minute

Water damage on carpets can be an expensive fix. Not only do the actual tools cost a substantial amount, but any reputable carpet cleaning company is going to expect you to pay an equivalent amount for their hard work. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid breaking the bank on reversing carpet water damage. Not only can it be done yourself, but it can be successfully completed at only a fraction of the cost.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration, Los Angeles

•  Repairing the damaged spot. This is not only an easy fix, but it completely eliminates any trace of moisture in the remaining carpet. This is especially ideal for those homeowners who have extra carpet set aside. This may not be as easily completed if you have to find matching carpet to use as the plug, though. Mismatched carpets can look just as ill-fitting as water damaged carpets.

•  Substituting the wet carpet. Replacing the moistened carpet pad can reverse any signs that your carpet was ever damaged, as the liquid tends to stay absorbed into the carpet pad long after you have dried your carpet. Simply tear up the warm segment of wet carpet pad and replace it with new padding to ensure appropriate absorbency and no long standing issues.

•  Carpet fibers would help. For small areas of water damage, utilize replacement carpet fibers. Simply trim the damaged area down to the base of the carpet and utilizing a clear adhesive, reapply identical fibers to clear any water damage that was previously visible.

• Use vacuum and dehumidifier. For the most minor of liquid problems, utilize an appropriate vacuum and dehumidifier combination to remove all moisture from the area. These will the remove the source of the problem, and by using a dehumidifier you can reduce the likelihood of acquiring mold and mildew at a later date.

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Robert Matheka is the Owner of Kala Construction Inc.., a leading water damage repairs. and restoration services provider in Ontario, CA. Our services include extraction of water and drying out the structure by using special extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidification equipment to restore your property back to normal after a disaster.

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