Oops! A Broken Water Pipe: What to Do Next

A broken water pipe can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a home. When you experience a broken pipe or water main break, there are several things you can do to take control of the situation and stop the damage from becoming any worse.

If you begin to take action immediately after the break, you reduce the level of exposure to mold, mildew and bacteria. There are several steps that can be taken to prevent material loss. They include:

Pipe Leakage

  • Find the Source of the Water
    The first thing to do if you experience water flooding into your home is to find the source of the leak.

    If the leak is inside the home, it can be controlled by turning the water off at the shut-off valve. If a pipe is broken outside of the home, the water company may have to be called to turn the water off at a street main.

  • Turn off the Electricity

    Water and electricity do not mix. To reduce the risk of electrocution, kill the power at the fuse box to ensure water will not come in contact with any electrical current.

    If the leak is outside the home, you may have to contact the power company to make sure there is no risk to the property or its occupants.

  • Secure the Property

    Once the water has been stopped and the risk of electrocution has been eliminated, the property must be secured. Make sure the structural integrity of the home is still intact.

    If the property is uninhabitable due to the extent of the water damage, make sure that the windows and doors can be securely locked to prevent intruders from breaking in.

  • Evaluate the Damage

    Closely evaluate the damage. Calling an insurance adjuster is helpful in determining just how extensive the damage is. They can also put a monetary value on the loss.

    Having the property evaluated will determine whether the property can be renovated or, if more extensive reconstruction is needed.

  • Start a Humidifier

    If the damage is confined to a specific area, one humidifier will be sufficient to pull any excess moisture out of the air. If the damage is extensive, you may need to have more than one humidifier running to sufficiently handle the amount of moisture that is left in the air.

    As the water begins to evaporate out of the porous materials, more and more water will be removed by the humidifiers.

  • Soak up Excess Water

    Use a wet/dry vac to pull as much water as possible out of carpeting and off of the floors. Even if the surface begins to feel dry, it doesn’t hurt to continue to use the vac.

    Any amount of water that can be removed helps to lessen the extent of the damage and control the growth of mold and mildew.

  • Photograph the Damage

    Insurance agents encourage their clients to make a photographic inventory when they purchase their homeowner’s policy. Once water damage has occurred, agents and adjusters often ask clients to go through the home and photograph any damaged areas.

    Photographs can give an accurate depiction of the damage that has been caused, especially when compared against inventory photos that were taken for the policy.

  • Dispose of Things That Cannot Be Repaired

    Whether we like it or not, when water damages property, there are times when an item cannot be saved. If this is the case, it is better to dispose of it properly than to run the risk of mold taking hold and causing a variety of health problems.

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They can help protect your family from unseen dangers and get your family back in your home where they belong.

Robert Matheka is the Owner of Kala Construction Inc.., a leading water damage and water damage restoration services. provider in Ontario, CA. Our services include extraction of water and drying out the structure by using special extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidification equipment to restore your property back to normal after a disaster.

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