How to Build Professional Halloween Attractions in Your Home

Halloween attractions that are designed and constructed mindfully can set your home apart from the rest. One of the most important aspects of creating an “attraction” is to make it look as natural as possible. Items or displays that look fake can detract from the atmosphere. If you want to be known for having the most “lifelike” and interesting attractions, you need to know how to make them look and feel authentic.Halloween Attractions

A few things to remember when creating a professional Halloween attraction are:

•  Keep it as natural looking as possible
•  Don’t go overboard with plastic or manufactured materials
•  Keep it simple
•  Maximize the “scare factor”

The main draw to most haunted attractions is that they look and feel the part. If you want people to walk away from your display with their heart racing and looking over their shoulder, you need to create the same effect.

Keeping things natural means working with items that are already in place. If you have trees, let the leaves remain on your yard. Don’t rake or pick them up. Don’t trim away all of the weeds. Let them grow in certain areas to create a forgotten look. Keep things simple by using only the materials that fit into a specific theme.

If you are going after the look of a cemetery, don’t add a lot of pumpkins or other Halloween decorations. A makeshift coffin, a few headstones, an old iron fence with some eerie music will be more frightening if the pumpkins are kept at a distance. A person’s imagination can wreak more havoc than a hundred spiders. One well placed ghoul or spider web can create an illusion that will cause the person’s mind to go into fright mode.

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