Basement Waterproofing: What Is the Best Solution?

Basement Waterproofing: What Is the Best Solution?As the area in your home most likely to suffer from water damage, you should take extra precautions to waterproof it. Depending on your location and your home’s construction there are several different approaches that can make your home less susceptible to water damage. As with most things, the best approach to solve water issues in your basement is to take a comprehensive look at your basement and determine what its weaknesses are.

There are four areas to focus on as you assess your basement:

  • Insulation
  • Dry packing
  • Free lime
  • Outside area

Whether you are remodeling or just want to water proof your basement, here are a few things you can change to start:

Be aware of the area around your home’s foundation.

  • If the area around your home slopes toward your basement instead of away, add dirt to help redirect the water away from your home.
  • Gutter and downspouts should discharge water roughly five feet from the outside walls of your house. A simple modification to your existing downspouts can make up the distance, while keeping the gutters clear will mean water does not drip directly down on the foundation.
  • Vegetation should be a foot from the wall to prevent roots from directing water toward your basement.

Waterproof the inside of your basement.

  • Use a waterproof paint, like Drylok, help keep the air dry. Make sure that you use a product that is waterproof instead of a water seal.
  • Seal up cracks in the concrete and walls. Dry packing is a great way to make sure that these faults do not become problems over time.

Ensure the insulation was properly installed and that it is working as designed.

Robert Matheka is the Owner of Kala Construction Inc.., a leading water damage remediation. and restoration services provider in Ontario, CA. Our services include extraction of water and drying out the structure by using special extraction equipment, air movers, and dehumidification equipment to restore your property back to normal after a disaster.

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