8 Interior Designing Secrets to Revamp a Room

When it comes to Home decor, there aren’t any rules or laws. The only thing that matters is creativity. However, there are a few principles that most designers follow in order to produce great results every time. With that being said,here are 8 Home decor principles to revamp your room.

Home Improvement Tips From Kala Construction, Ontario

  1. Give Your Furniture Space
    Do not overcrowd a room. You should leave space so that you can get around with ease. Avoid buying lots of furniture. Instead, spend more of your budget on fewer high quality pieces.
  2. Hang Artwork Properly
    Your artwork should be 57 to 60 inches from the floor. If you aren’t exactly sure about the required length, take a picture.
  3. Don’t Emphasize Themes
    There are too many rooms that follow the same style, so if you continue the trend, your room will lack individuality.
  4. Properly Arrange the Furniture on a Rug
    You could go all on, where the rug is large enough to place all the furniture legs on top of it. You could go all off, which is a great choice if you have a small room.
  5. Look at Slight Lines
    Your focal point should be free and clear from one room to the next. Slight lines help create that focal point.
  6. Edit Your Collectibles
    Get rid of a piece that doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t add anything to the room, you should remove it.
  7. Vary the Scale
    Remember that just because something looks good in a store, it may not fit when you actually take it home. That is why it is important to always vary the scale and proportion.
  8. 8.Add Lighting
    Lighting is important to home decor because it adds interest, intrigue, and variety. Start by picking a focal point and highlighting it.

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