7 Steps to Make Your First Home Look Spectacular

Your first home after college does not have to be a continuation of your student life. You can make it spectacular by taking a few steps and turn your home into the haven you always envisaged without spending a lot of money.

Steps to Make Your First Home Look Spectacular1. De-clutter
Before you move into your first home, get rid of the old, broken furniture, faulty appliances and accessories you have never used. It is time to start afresh and the move is the opening you have been seeking. Sell old stuff or donate to a charity.

2. Buy a Good Bed and Bedding
Now that you have entered the real world and left student life behind, you need your beauty sleep. So, invest in a good bed and bedding. You will sleep like a baby and get up feeling refreshed. If your bedroom is dull, use the bedding to brighten it up.

3. Buy Things You Require
This is your first home and you may want to splurge on unnecessary things. This is a waste of money and in the long-run you will accumulate junk. So, go in for things you really need – couch, bed, coffee table and appliances like gas range and microwave. Forget about purchasing in an HD television when you can do with a “normal” one.

4. Fix Those Faults
Rather than overhauling the bathroom and trying to create a spa-like environment, make your bathroom functional and practical. You will have time for these luxuries as you climb up the hierarchy ladder. So, get that leaky faucet fixed and make sure the shower head and flush save water.

5. Mix and Match
Let your personality and taste come out with a riot of colors and function – fun – furniture and decoration items that make your home a warm, welcoming haven.

6. Use Color to Your Advantage
Even if you have mismatched furniture, don’t worry too much. You can bring all the mismatched pieces together with color. Cushion covers, throw pillows, rugs and window treatments will bind everything together, as long as they share a common hue.

7. Use Paint.
A dull and boring home can easily be given a makeover with the help of paint. So, pick up that paint brush and paint the walls in colors that make your home look grand, spacious and warm.

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