7 Love Filled Decorations for Your Dining Room

Home Improvement Tips From Kala Construction, OntarioWhen some people think of Valentine’s Day they think of red, white and pink themes, hearts and love. But, if you really get your imagination going, you can think of all sorts of other themes to go with when it comes to putting a little love in your room for Valentine’s Day or for any other day for that matter. You also might think about romance, class and style, luxuriousness, relaxing and spending time with family.

  1. Add some simple accents of red with things like red pillows or a framed red painting to walls in your living room to add some panache.
  2. To have a splash of color, but also introduce spring to your home, you can add three different sizes of frames to your wall with three different fall leaves. These leaves can be found in local craft stores.
  3. If you want something really inexpensive, you could consider adding a throw to your couch. You can decorate it with a variety of colorful throw blankets including Valentines colors like pink, red and white as well as classical colors like navy blue or tan.
  4. If you want to make a dramatic explosion of color, consider adding a splash of red to a wall. Red is said to stimulate an appetite but it also goes mostly with wood or metal. An accent wall can really brighten up a room.
  5. String lights around your dining room, if you can find them in pink or red, great; if not just use small white lights. Just make sure they are on a dimmer switch so that you can make them brighter or dimmer for different atmospheres.
  6. Add some of your favorite flowers available in red and white. Some ideas include carnations, roses or tulips.

Adding extra love to your table during dinner is also easy with linen napkins, a napkin holder and a velvet or rose attached to the holder.

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