5 DIY Projects to Add a Touch of Gold to Your Home Décor

What is the hottest trend in interior design this year? Gold, of course! You can go bold and glam with this latest fad and give your home a whole new look with furniture and décor that have gold accents. With the right DIY project, you can have a glamorous yet elegant home without spending a fortune.

Here are 5 of the best and most inexpensive ways to get this hot new trend and have a fabulous home that is tastefully decorated with a bit of gold:Home Decor Tips| Kala Construction

1. Spray paint your kitchen bar stools: This is a really cheap but awesome way to add gold to your furniture without going overboard. Spray paint your bar stools with gold and turn something ordinary into something that is stylish and trendy!

2. Bling up your coasters: What is a subtle yet really stylish way to incorporate gold into your home décor? Well, you can start by making gold coasters with ceramic tiles and of course, metallic paint in gold. It is simple yet you will be amazed at how glamorous your home looks with these blinged up coasters!

3. Give your lamp a makeover: You do not need to buy an expensive statement lamp for your home. Get your old lamp and give its shade a facelift by changing it. All you need to do is get fabric for the shade and add gold designs on it with fabric paint. It is simple to do and cheap as well!

4. Give your pots shimmer: This is a fabulous idea that is easy and inexpensive and still gives you a chance to indulge in the hottest new trend in home décor. You do not need to paint your pots gold. Instead, use gold leaves and see what a difference they make in glamming up your home!

5. Get a gold mirror: You can change your boring old mirror into a glamorous one by getting its frame done up in gold! This DIY project may be a little tough but it is definitely worth the effort. A gold-dipped mirror will give your hallway or bedroom a sophisticated look for sure!

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