4 Smart Ways to Design a Landscape Like Pros

For many people, landscape designing can be a daunting task. This does not come as a surprise since not everyone is good at design. However, with a few tips landscape design can be done at home and without expensive tools and equipment.

Below are 4 tips that will help you get started with landscape design:

Home Improvement Contractors, Orange County1. Observe the site
Take time to observe and learn as much as you can about the site. Check the topography and type of soil. Consider the climate and measure how much area you will have to work with. Also, check the areas of the land that are usually covered in the sun and those under the shade. This information will help you figure out where to put the flora.

2. Decide on the flora
This is likely to be your favorite part of landscaping. Decide on the flowers for the landscape based on the type of soil and climatic condition of the area. Here, you can let your imagination go wild. Consider different scented and colored flowers that will bring out the picture you envision.

3. Use existing hardscape
While you will be creating your landscape design from scratch, do not forget to use already existing hardscape surfaces like walls, trenches and so on. Any timbers or stone in the area will be great additions to your landscape since they are natural materials and will easily blend with the greenery.

4. Make the sketch
Finally, prepare the landscape design sketch. The sketch will help you when starting the real designing work and will act as a roadmap to finishing your project. Sketching also helps you to see the final outlook of the landscape design and you can easily identify and incorporate anything you may have missed during the planning phase.

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